Yllix Review 2022 , Maximum Income

Yllix is ​​an advertising company that is an alternative to Google Adsense. Through its platform, Yllix is ​​proven to pay publishers. As a blogger, Yllix is ​​the best alternative for your blog or website.

The model or type of advertising on Yllix also varies, ranging from popunder ads, push ads, redirects to direct links. In addition, the method of income is also different from the other side, namely using CPA, CPC and CPM.

If the big advertising platforms like Google Adsense don't use adult content ad models, Yllix has this type of ad model. If your blog or website is in the adult category, then Yllix is ​​the right advertising for you.

If you want to use Yllix as an advertisement, make sure your blog or website has high visitors. Because if your blog visitors are quiet automatically your income through Yllix also has no results.

Advantages of Using Yllix
There are more advantages if you use ads on Yllix. Here we review the advantages of using Yllix publisher.
  1. Easy to understand
  2. Fast Registration Process
  3. Ad Request Creation No Waiting Too Long
  4. Server error rarely occurs
  5. Different types of ads
  6. Minimum Payment Method
  7. Various types of CPM, CPC and CPA are offered
If above we discussed the advantages of Yllix, in addition Yllix has several weaknesses.

Yllix's Weaknesses
Apart from the advantages, of course there are disadvantages. Here are the drawbacks of our version of the Yllix ad network.
  1. Must have a lot of visitors
  2. The ad type is not responsive
  3. The ads offered are less attractive
Well, as above, a full review of the advantages and disadvantages of the Yllix version of Thank you for reading our article, hopefully the information we provide can be useful for you and others.


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