Elsewedy Industrial Development and Torishima of Japan: A Strategic Partnership for Global Advancement

As part of this promising cooperation, Torishima will invest up to USD 5 million to create a state-of-the-art large pump service facility. Image Courtesy: Elsewedy Industrial Development

SCZONE recently witnessed the signing of a contract between Elsewedy Industrial Development and Torishima Service Solutions, which allocates 30,000 square meters of land in 'Industria Sokhna'. The Japanese company, Torishima, plans to invest USD 5 million in establishing a center for assembling, manufacturing, supplying, and maintaining large water pumps used for industrial and civil purposes, including sewage treatment and desalination plants.

Walid Gamal El-Din, Chairman of the General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone, expressed his commitment to reinforcing partners and attracting prominent Japanese investments through this collaboration. Mohamed AlKammah, CEO of Elsewedy Industrial Development, highlighted Egypt's promising investment opportunities in the industrial sector, particularly in pump manufacturing. He emphasized the company's dedication to attracting investments, owning a diversified portfolio of approximately 27 million square meters of land distributed across various zones and projects.

Alister Flett, Managing Director of Torishima Service Solutions, expressed the company's honor in establishing a local service and manufacturing presence in Egypt. They plan to partner with key end users in water, wastewater, irrigation, and power fields to improve the reliability of large pumps and ensure the most efficient pumps in the region. Torishima aims to bring its technology, quality, and productivity to the Egyptian service center, empowering their Egyptian team through training and collaboration.

As part of the cooperation, the Torishima Group intends to rehabilitate and optimize motors and pumps owned by the Egyptian Government that have been out of service for years in various industries. This step reduces external spending by relying on Egyptian competencies and reusing previously considered waste equipment. The center will be the largest in the region to meet the growing demand for water and increase industrial and agricultural productivity.

The strategic partnership between Elsewedy Industrial Development and Torishima presents synergies and potential areas of collaboration, including power generation projects, water treatment solutions, renewable energy ventures, and industrial infrastructure development. The joint efforts are expected to contribute significantly to sustainable development goals and the reduction of carbon footprints. The companies' investments are expected to grow over the next five years, bringing Torishima quality closer to customers and facilitating access to African and European markets through SCZONE's prime geographical location.

Source : Zawya


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