When are the school holidays in 2023? UK school days, holidays and schedules

When are the school holidays in 2023? UK school days, holidays and schedules

After two long weekends, Britons are looking forward to the next school holidays.   With Easter again and again, summer comes. But before that, there is a mid-May period to look forward to.
It can be difficult to organize a family holiday or a break from work during the school holidays - whether you're planning to go abroad or take a short break in the UK. Here's everything you need to know about school holidays, bank holidays and public holidays in the UK this year.
Session dates vary by school, so it's important to check your school's website. However, here are some typical dates.
Summer starts on Monday April 17. The mid-term break is one week between Monday May 29 and Friday June 2.
That leaves just a few weeks of work until the summer break on Friday July 24. Children start the new school year on Monday, September 4, 2023.
Midterm falls on Monday, October 23, and Christmas vacation begins on Monday, December 18. When is the May 2023 semester?

Then there's the May semester to look forward to, which begins Monday, May 29 and lasts until Friday, June 2. When is summer vacation 2023?

The holiday starts on Monday July 24 and runs until Thursday August 31. When is the October 2023 semester?

The October semester begins on Monday, October 23 and ends on Friday, October 28. When is Christmas 2023?

This year, the Christmas break starts on Monday, December 18 and ends on Monday, January 1, 2024.


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