Understanding & Importance of SSL

There are still many who do not understand the meaning of an SSL Certificate (SSL Certificate) & what are the benefits on a website if we use an SSL Certificate, here is the right answer for you to read. In the digital world, online crime is rampant and always targets websites that have security holes. One of them is a website that is not equipped with SSL. If your website is an online store website or a business website, it's certainly very dangerous, right? But, do you know what SSL is and what is the importance of SSL for websites? Let's discuss the meaning first

Understanding What is SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security system that will protect all data exchange on the website. If you install SSL on your website, your website URL will change to HTTPS. HTTPS is a more secure website transfer protocol. HTTPS will protect the data you send so that it cannot be stolen or manipulated by hackers.

Therefore, you must use SSL to secure your website from security threats. Well, more specifically, this is the importance of SSL for websites. 

SSL Certificate Functions on the Website

For the functions and benefits that you can experience on websites that use SSL Certificates, especially on business websites such as online stores, see below:

Secure from Data Theft

SSL will protect the website from the threat of data theft. The trick is to encrypt every data conversation. So, other people will not be able to intercept the data you send.

Avoid Sending Wrong Data

SSL will ensure that the data or information sent is directed to the server according to its destination. So, the possibility of data or information being sent to hackers can be avoided.

Increase Website Reputation

If the website does not use SSL, browsers such as chrome & firefox will usually show a notification that the website is not secure. Meanwhile, for websites that have used SSL, there will be a locked padlock icon on the website URL. So, visitors will not hesitate to access your website.

Increase Website Ranking on Google

One of the importance of SSL for websites is being able to increase website ranking on Google. Since 2014, Google has implemented an algorithm that prioritizes websites with SSL. So, if your website does not use SSL, the chances of your website appearing in the top rankings are getting smaller.

Granted, SSL is only one of many ranking factors, but it's better if you turn on SSL (rather than not using it at all).

Find a Hosting Service Place that Provides Free SSL

Well, seeing the importance of SSL for websites, you should start installing SSL for your website. Before security threats attack your website, you should immediately install SSL now.

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The web server used by Niagahoster is also guaranteed to be safe. With the Imunify360 feature, your website will also be protected from malware, DDoS, phishing, and other attacks.

So, let's use the hosting service and take advantage of the free SSL from Niagahoster!


Installing SSL is also one of the tips for maintaining the security of your website from malware attacks, phishing and the like.

How did you come here to understand how important it is to use an SSL Certificate? Because there are still many websites that underestimate this, from now on, change your favorite website to use SSL.


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