Monetization and google adsense

Monetization and google adsense

First of all, I would like to thank the reader because you are willing to read my article. On this occasion I will share tips and also my experience about Google Adsense.
Erm...everyone already knows exactly what and what Google Adsense means. In this case I don't think it needs to be discussed.

In fact, becoming a Google Adsense publisher is not as complicated as what has been described by several other blogs that discuss it. Yes, the point is, being diligent and diligent is one of the keys to success as a GA Publisher.

My experience

I want to share my experience as a Google Adsense Publisher. One year ago I tried to build a blog with various niches, namely automotive tutorials, news to adult content in one Google account.

First, I registered with the .online and .tech domains at one of Hostinger's leading hosting. My experience of trying Hostinger in terms of service is indeed very friendly and fast response. You can visit their website.

Many times I have registered with Google Adsense but have always been rejected because I did not meet the requirements. Understandably, I am a beginner and have no experience at all, only self-taught capital.

Then I searched google what are the requirements and I completed them. Thank God, after being rejected 4 times, he finally accepted and walked on all fours little by little, the rupiah was running.

I also registered the second blog and alhamdulillah it was immediately accepted. Starting from that, I thought again about how to keep the rupiah growing because during that time the rupiah was too small for income, so finally I focused on one of my blogs, namely news.

Looking at it from the side of the traffic it's extraordinarily powerful, but from a rupiah point of view, the fastest one can only be 30,000 rupiah a day. Until one day when I published news from a major web news source, someone claimed it and didn't accept it. Since then I decided to apologize and eventually I moved on to blogging about automotive tutorials and adult content.

It's a thousand pity, when my blog's adult content traffic skyrocketed with publishers other than Google Adsense to the point where I forgot to turn on the warning about adult content requirements which ultimately led to disaster. All my blogs disappeared and disappeared from the face of the earth.

That's because I have violated google policy. I tried to appeal to Google, but it was rejected. Then I took the initiative to separate formal blogs and adult content with different Google accounts and met the requirements and in the end it was successful and safe.

So what are the requirements to become a Google Adsense publisher

Actually the requirements are quite short and easy guys. You must complete the following:
  1. Create About , Contact Us , Disclaimer , Privacy Policy and TOS
  2. Making Cookies
  3. Avoid harboring inactive links
  4. Article Update Min. 1 Content In A Day
  5. Don't rush to register with Google Adsense if the requirements above have been made, keep working on up to dozens of articles. For premium domains .com etc min. 40-50 articles can already be registered, while for blogspot min. 80 - 100 new articles can be registered.
  6. If you have registered as a Google Adsense publisher, don't get discouraged with low rupiah, keep working and avoid using underhand methods and obey Google's policies.


I think that's enough for me to share my experience about what are the requirements to become a Google Adsense Publisher. Sorry if there are typo errors and so on. Give your constructive comments and keep working.


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