How to deal with articles not indexed by search engines

As a website owner, of course Bizzie must know how to deal with a website that is not indexed on Google in a proper and effective way. This is not without reason, because a website that is not indexed on Google will cause problems for the site itself. Where the effect will be seen from the number of visitors to the income of the website that has been registered on the website.

In order for Bizzie's website to be found on search engines like Google, first make sure whether the site is included in the Google Index? Bizzie needs to know that basically the SEO process is a bit complicated and takes quite a lot of time. Thus, proper analysis and accuracy is required. That's why it's not uncommon for people to use certain services to get their sites indexed on Google.

This is How to Overcome a Website Not listed on Google

Actually there are several ways to deal with websites not listed on Google that Bizzie can do himself. still, has Bizzie understood about the Google indicator itself? For information, the Google indicator is a database possessed by Google which contains colorful hunt results for its druggies.

The information and web runners are attained by Google from the Crawling stage, which is the process of chancing colorful web runners. Meanwhile crawling indexing is the process of being suitable to store colorful web runners into a database so they can appear in Google huntresults.However, please do a hunt with sitedomainwebsite, If Bizzie wants to know whether the website has been listed by Google

still, also you do not need to worry, If from the hunt results the Bizzie point has not been listed by Google. Below are several ways to deal with websites not listed on Google that are fast and easy to do, indeed for newcomers

1. Create an HTML and XML Sitemap

The first way to deal with websites that aren't listed on Google that Bizzie can apply is to produce an HTML and XML sitemap. Creating an XML sitemap aims to make it easier for the Google hunt machine to understand the content on the Bizzie website. The XML sitemap itself is a list of website runners that are directed to search machines so that the point is easy to find.

still, also the HTML sitemap is a list of website runners that are intended for callers to the Bizzie website, If the XML sitemap is intended for hunt machines likeGoogle.However, Bizzie can first register a website sitemap in the Google Search Console, If you do not know how to make a sitemap.

2. Adding a Website to Google Search Console

As explained earlier, registering a website in Google Search Console is a way to manage websites that are not listed in Google for accurate sitemaps. But it seems these devices don't just work that way. Because Google Search Console itself is useful for monitoring the performance of the websites listed on it. Using these tools, Bizzie can identify the most popular pages. One of the most important functions of the Google Search Console in the indexing process is that Bizzie can see how often Google search crawls on the website. Another task is to know the popular keywords in Bizzie business or measure the content of the website. In fact, these tools allow users to know about indexing errors that can affect the ranking of websites in search results.

3. Fixed Indexing Error

If there is an error on Bizzie's website, correct it as soon as possible. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with websites that are not listed in Google, which Bizzie can do again. The way to detect website indexing errors is to log into Google Search Console. Since it will affect the quality of the website

4. Routine Content Updates

Even though the Bizzie website is not indexed by the Google search engine, that does not mean that the site cannot publish or publish content. Because Bizzie can still write and post content there. Even updating or posting a lot of content regularly can help a Bizzie website to get into the Google index faster.
However, in managing non-Google websites, Bizzie should not post content alone. Create quality content, and post it regularly on the site. With good content, Google will index the website instantly. In addition to a good content topic, Bizzie should also be good according to the niche of the website. Remember to provide new information on the website regularly. It's great that Bizzie offers blogs and websites whose content is curated to provide value to website visitors. Winning a website that is not listed in Google like this will have a huge impact on Bizzie's site.

5. Creating Categories of Content

Still talking about content, if Bizzie is creating a lot of content on the website, it is a good idea to create an article for that content. The content category also includes ways to deal with websites that are not listed in Google and be effective. Because this type of content will help visitors find what they are looking for quickly.
Having the same type of content will help Google analyze the interaction of other pages. Even in the form of content, it will help Google to crawl Bizzie's website quickly and efficiently.
These are ways to deal with websites that are not listed in Google and Bizzie can be done immediately so that Google can index the site. Bizzie can try one of the ways and see the results.


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