Ad Networks Other than Google Adsense that are proven to pay

Ad Networks Other than Google Adsense that are proven to pay

For publishers to create content, of course, they need an ad network to be displayed on their blog. Publishers are competing to be accepted on the Google Adsense platform. I don't know what I think about Google Adsense, I myself used it before but it was blocked 😭.

However, for those of you who might want the blog to be advertised and it's quite promising and pay, I'll give you tips.

Here are some ad networks that you should try.


One of the paying ad network platforms. However, don't be surprised by this platform because the types of advertisements (sorry) are sometimes not pleasing to the eye. In terms of payment, it supports via paypal. And the minimum withdrawal is 20$.

I've tried it myself before but it didn't reach 20$ because the account was blocked 🤕 The types of ads offered are in the form of banners and others. If in the past it only offered 2 types of advertisements, maybe now it has developed.


Evadav is one of the paying ad network platforms. Because I myself have used it. Even though the results are not from CPC, in my opinion they are more flexible.

The types of advertisements it offers are quite diverse, ranging from push notifications, banners to popunders.

Talking about payments and others, I think Evadav is consistent. The minimum withdrawal or withdrawal is 25 $ and the methods used vary. If I use Paypal.

The payment is also very fast, because if our dollars have reached the threshold you specified, the Evadav system will transfer to your PayPal account and it will take a day at the most.

The registration process is very simple and definitely Acc friends. This ad network is more popular than the others.


The next ad network is Yllix, a type of ad network that is proven to pay. Almost the same as evadav, this ad network also offers various types of ads ranging from banners to popunders.

The difference is, Yllix is flexible and you should try it because you can withdraw a minimum of 1$, you know. I myself have proven it.

Even though the income is not from CPC, in reality if I compare it to Google Adsense, mine used to be even better. Yes it all depends on you

For a minimum payment method of 1 $ and using Paypal is the easiest way. The disbursement process is fairly fast, only in a matter of hours.

In my opinion, Yllix is quite strategic compared to other ad networks. But make no mistake, if you don't log in within 14 days, your account will automatically be deleted. So routinely - routinely log in check statistics when you use this ad network.


Until now there are lots of ad network platforms that are proven to pay.


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