Tips for Making Green Rebel-style Vegetable Burger, Still Delicious Without Meat

Sebisa Bisnis Jogja - Burger is one of the most popular foods of all ages. Besides being easy to make, burgers are also quite filling. Unfortunately, burgers usually contain meat and cheese stuffing, so they are often avoided by some people who adopt a plant-based diet.

But now, Green Rebel has a solution for people who adopt a plant based diet. They can use cheese and mock meats made from 100 percent plant-based. "We're not suggesting that we have 100 plants. But if we can, why not? If we ourselves at Burgeeens use 100 percent of vegetables," said Max Mandias as Co-founder of Green Rebel at the end of September 2022.

“So actually the meat in Green Rebel is actually ready to eat. Cooked only to the last color. He has gone through the cooking process," he said.

Here's a Green Rebel-style burger recipe that uses ingredients made from 100 percent vegetable matter.

Ingredients : Bread Beefless Steak from Green Rebel Faux Cheese Cheddar-style Block Cheeze from Green Rebel Vegetables to taste Vegetable butter Mayo-nice from Green Rebel.

How to make : Toast the bread and imitation of meat in a preheated pan using vegetable butter. Remove the buns and mock meat when they are browned. Spread the bottom of the bread with mayo-nice from Green Rebel's "Creamy Crew" product. - Place the vegetables on the bread that has been coated with mayo-nice, then place the mock meat. Place Cheddar-style Block Cheeze and melt it using a blow torch. Spread the top layer of bread with tomato sauce, place on burgers, serve.

Cream Crew

Green Rebel introduces two of its newest products which are part of the "Creamy Crew" namely Mayo-nice and Caesar Dressing. "Our goal in making this is that we want to provide practical solutions for the wider community who have limited means, time, and energy to be able to make flexitarian or plant-based menus that are interesting and as delicious as possible," said Max Mandias at the same time.

Max also said that the reason he made this plant-based mayonnaise and dressing is so that people with lactose intolerance can also enjoy products such as cheese, mayonnaise, and other products that have milk-based ingredients.

Made from soybean oil, tapioca starch, and other plant-based ingredients, people with lactose intolerance can also consume cheese, mayonnaise and dressing from Green Rebel. "Many people think that when they suffer from lactose intolerance, it means they can't eat foods made from milk and its derivatives. So, people with lactose intolerance can't enjoy their favorite foods that contain milk (dairy)," said Max.

“In addition, not everyone can enjoy the texture and taste of non-dairy food. Seeing the need and opportunity to make non-dairy products with the same texture and taste as products with dairy ingredients, we launched two new products from Creamy Crew Mayo-Nice Sauce and Caesar Dressing,” he added.

Source    : Cantika
Edito      : Ina Putri Ayu Sulistiawaty


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