Tips for Caring for Hijabi Hair, Starting from the Choice of Hijab Materials

Sebisa Bisnis Jogja - Maintaining healthy hair and scalp for women with hijab is not easy, considering that the scalp is often damp due to sweating because it is covered by the hijab. Dermatologist and content creator Danar provides a number of ways to treat hijab hair in maintaining healthy hair and scalp. One of the first tips is to choose a hijab type of fabric that has good air circulation and absorbs sweat like cotton.

"The first thing to do is to choose a hijab with good material, which can still circulate (air) because the choice of hijab material is also very influential," said Danar at the launch of Serasoft Shampoo, Saturday, October 8, 2022. 

To find out if the air circulation in the hijab material is good or not, Danar suggests using a fan after the hijab is installed properly. "If you still feel cool on your scalp, you feel like the wind is blowing you through your hijab, it means that the circulation is okay," added Danar.

Furthermore, for tips on caring for hair , Danar also suggested that women wearing the hijab often change their headscarves, because the buildup of oil and sweat on the scalp can hinder air circulation due to the closed pores of the fabric. This condition is said to have a bad impact on the health of the scalp and hair.

Then, Danar also reminded that women who wear hijab should not wear the hijab while their hair is still wet, especially when tied, because this action can damage the strands of hair. The use of a hair dryer is also not recommended.

"It's better to dry your hair with a fan instead. Because the hot temperature from the hair dryer can damage your hair,” explained Danar.

Finally, Danar also suggests choosing hair care products that are suitable for women with hijab. "In addition, the consumption of vitamins containing biotin is also good for hair health," he concluded.

Source : Cantika
Editor  : Ina Putri Ayu Sulistiwaty


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