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Sebisa Bisnis Jogja - The themes raised in South Korean dramas are always interesting to follow, ranging from crime, comedy to fantasy. Each episode provides a different experience for each viewer. One of the latest dramas that became the talk of the townspeople is "Big Mouth". Starring Lee Jong Suk and Lim Yoona, this series tells the story of a lawyer caught up in a conspiracy.

Throughout the storyline, the audience must be curious as to who the Big Mouse really is who is the mastermind behind all the chaos.

Besides "Big Mouth", Disney+ Hotstar also presents a variety of other Korean content that is no less interesting.

1. One Dollar Lawyer

Cheon Ji Hun Famous Lawyer With Eccentric Style and Benchmark The Price of His Services is Just One Dollar Starring Namkoong Min and Kim Jieun, viewers will be entertained by Cheon Jihun's actions as he tackles his client's extraordinary case

2. Adam

Still with a criminal theme, "Adamas" tells the story of twin brothers who discover the fact that their biological father is accused of murdering their stepfather.

The two of them must enter the pit of a conspiracy full of intrigue to clear the name of their biological father. Starring Jisung, Seo Jihye, Lee Sookyung, and Heo Sungtae, viewers will be invited to reveal the truth of the murder case by finding diamond arrows.

3. THE ZONE: Survival Mission

Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo, and Kwon Yuri must work together through various challenges to survive. From super sticky glue traps, zombie attacks, to creepy ghosts. They must face eight unexpected situations and survive for 4 hours to complete each mission.

4. Golden Spoon

What would you do if you found the magic golden spoon that could change your life? Lee Seungcheon, a high school student from a poor family managed to change his life after buying a magic golden spoon.

Seung-cheon enjoys his new life, but he forgets that there are consequences behind his every action. The series stars Yook Sungjae, Lee Jongwon, Jung Chaeyeon, and Yeonwoo.

5. May It Please The Court

Two lawyers with opposite personalities, Noh Chakhee and Jwa Sibaek, must work together when facing a conspiracy that threatens their case.

Based on a true story and based on the point of view of a public defender depicted in a non-fiction book, this drama starring Jung Ryewon, Lee Kyoohyung, and Jung Jinyoung will lead viewers to follow their clients' cases.

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