Overcome Google Adsense Ads Restricted

Assalamualaikum, thank God I can write again on this favorite blog on this occasion I will share my experience How to Overcome Google Adsense Ad Restrictions which have also been hit on my previous blog.
With limited ads, of course, our Google Adsense income will decrease drastically because the ads that used to appear on our blog did not appear, and only a few ads appeared on the blog.

Then How to Overcome It?, Must Be Disturbed If you are subject to Adsense restrictions, it's like being cut off by a girlfriend?!!
There are several factors that cause why your Adsense ads are limited, but the factor that often happens is because visitors are not valid, usually because there are many booming visitors today where it is not humans who come to our blog but robots.

How to Overcome Google Adsense Ads Restricted 100% Successfully

This may be my latest version of how to overcome this Google Adsense fish restriction, because this is according to my own experience plus look for some articles related to this method.

Whether you want to use this method or not because this is also my own version of experience, but don't worry, this method works, I have tried and practiced it.

1. Associate Adsense Account With Google Analytics

Now we definitely know that Google Analytics can be connected to Google Adsense. This is so that Google can monitor traffic or visitors who come to your blog.

I have also linked my blog to Google analytics, and thank God it is safe until now, although to be honest, many people send invalid traffic to this blog.

2. Remove Adsense Script on Blog

For this second method, it may already be on the market, and many have used it. However, this method is still possible and successful.

And if you still install it, it will annoy readers on your blog, because the ads don't appear but are blank.

This ad script is released only in the Widget section, don't forget to leave the script at the bottom of the <head> code

3. Wait a few days

After releasing the ad script on your blog, wait a few days for the ad to run, usually it takes a maximum of 1 month for the ad to be shown again.

At least about a week the ads have appeared, if I myself have 3 weeks for ads to appear again on this restriction.

4. Create Quality Content

Even though your Adsense ads are limited to continuing to make articles, this is certainly aimed at increasing your blog visitors and getting organic visitors too.

Do not let you not make articles after knowing that ads are limited by Google Adsense, many Indonesian Bloggers like that after advertising is limited to being lazy to make articles, most blogs are even better.

Those are tips that you might try, hopefully they will be useful but to try this method, don't forget to pray according to their respective religions.


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