Mahfud MD Gets Info about Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, alludes to the term follow-up

Mahfud MD Gets Info about Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, alludes to the term follow-up

Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD admitted that he had received information about Inspector General Ferdy Sambo being brought to the Mobile Brigade Headquarters. It is known that the former Head of the Propam Police Division, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, was brought by a special team (timsus) of the National Police to the Mobile Brigade Headquarters on Saturday (6/8).

"Yes, I have received information that Ferdy Sambo was taken to the Mobile Brigade Headquarters and the Provost," Mahfud confirmed from Jakarta, Saturday.

The former chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) also responded to public questions about why Ferdy Sambo was detained by the Provos. People considered the detention in Provos as if it indicated that Ferdy was only being investigated for ethical violations. Mahfud also straightened out that according to law, ethical and criminal violations can be handled simultaneously without having to wait for each other.

"And can not negate each other," he said.

According to Mahfud, when someone is sentenced to ethical sanctions, it does not mean that his criminal allegations are ruled out. Ethical violations will continue to be processed, as well as criminal violations which will also be processed on an equal footing. He gave an example of the case of former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Akil Mochtar who was arrested on suspicion of corruption after being subjected to a hand arrest operation (OTT) by the KPK team.

"So without waiting for the completion of the criminal process, the ethical violation will be processed and he will be dismissed from his position as a Constitutional Court judge through ethical sanctions," said Mahfud.

Mahfud emphasized that this was done in order to facilitate criminal investigations because the person concerned could no longer help complete the handling at the Constitutional Court.

"He can't be flirty in the Constitutional Court," said Mahfud MD.

The professor of constitutional law at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Yogyakarta explained that criminal investigations were more complicated, so it took longer than examining ethical violations. Therefore, Mahfud asked the public not to worry because solving ethical problems would facilitate criminal investigations if there were allegations and suspicions about it.

"Solving this ethical problem will even facilitate the acceleration of criminal investigations," said Mahfud MD

Inspector General Ferdy Sambo on Saturday (6/8) afternoon was taken to the Mobile Brigade Command Headquarters to be placed in a special place in the context of examining violations of procedures for handling the death case of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J.

The Head of the National Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, explained that Inspector General Ferdy Sambo was immediately brought from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police to the Brimob Headquarters in accordance with the examination by the Special Inspectorate (Irsus). (antara/sebisabisnis)


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