The Effect of Illegal Drugs on the Nervous System and Its Hazards for Health


According to research several years ago, it is estimated that there are 1.3 to 2 million drug users in Indonesia. Each addict can usually spend 50 thousand to 200 thousand per day to get these drugs. That means that the turnover of drugs in Indonesia can reach 200 billion per day. It is unfortunate that such a large amount of money is only used to physically and psychologically damage our young generation.

Narkoba is an acronym for narcotics and illegal drugs. The term drug is actually not comprehensive enough to describe the kinds of substances that affect the nervous system. Therefore, currently the term "drugs" is being popularized, which stands for narcotics, alcohol, psychotropics, and addictive substances which include narcotics, liquor, materials that affect the psyche (psychotropics), and substances that cause addiction/ addicted.

Actually these drugs are used in a limited way for treatment. Substances that are often used to relieve pain in patients during surgery include narcotics. However, for this use it must be with the right dose under the supervision of a doctor. However, because of the effects that are considered to make the soul more calm and comfortable, there are efforts for some people to obtain these drugs illegally.

In fact, the use of these drugs can be very dangerous because if used continuously and exceeding the dose will be bad for health. The use of these drugs can cause addiction and cause damage to organs, especially the nervous system, decreased sexual desire, infertility, and various other health problems.

Classes of Drugs Based on Their Effects on the Nervous System

Basically, drugs that have an effect on the nervous system can be divided into 4 groups, namely as follows:

1. Sedative
This class of drugs causes a decrease in normal brain activity, so that the user feels sleepy. This type of drug is known as a sleeping pill. For example, Valium.

2. Stimulants (stimulates the work of the brain)
The action of this class of drugs is the opposite of the sedative group, which speeds up the work of the brain. As a result of the use of this drug the user feels strong even though he does not sleep and feels he is in top condition. These drugs are also known as spirit pills. For example cocaine.

3. hallucinogen
This class of drugs causes delusions (hallucinations) in the user. Examples of these drugs are marijuana or marijuana, ecstasy, and shabu-shabu.

4. Painkiller (painkiller)
The work of this class of drugs is to suppress the part of the brain that is responsible for the pain center. These drugs are often referred to as narcotics. Examples of these drugs are morphine and heroin, which are derived from the poppy plant.

Dangerous Effects of Using Illegal Drugs

Misuse of drugs continuously and exceeding the prescribed dose can indeed be harmful to the health of the body. The effects caused by the continuous use of these drugs include the following:
  1. Loss of body coordination. This is because the user's body lacks dopamine. Dopamine is a common neurotransmitter in the brain, so if dopamine is not produced, synapses are disrupted. As a result, nerve impulses cannot propagate to the next nerve cell.
  2. Respiratory damage, constant shaking, stomach cramps, nervous system disorders, and even death.
  3. Loss of muscle control of movement, consciousness and heart rate weakens, liver and stomach damage occurs, and pregnant women can give birth to children with disabilities.
  4. Loss of appetite so that users become emaciated, for example due to alcohol, shabu-shabu (SS), and narcotics.
People who are addicted to drugs will suffer greatly if they do not consume them. Therefore, they will usually be desperate to commit various criminal acts to get the drugs they want.

To cure it, proper therapy is needed by reducing consumption little by little under the supervision of a doctor. Moral support from family and environment is also needed and must have a strong determination to recover.

In addition to drugs as described above, there are also types of alcoholic beverages that are also harmful to health. Liquor can indeed refresh the body, but it can also intoxicate and eliminate the consciousness of the drinker.

Alcoholic beverages can also cause damage and hardening of liver cells known as cirrhosis of the liver (cirrhosis of the liver). As a result, liver function will be disrupted and can take the soul of the sufferer.

The use of this drink will be even more dangerous if it is mixed with other unusual ingredients as a mixing material, such as soft drinks or spirits. This mixed drink (oplosan) can cause death for the drinker.


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