How to Reset Blog Template

Easy way to reset blog template

For bloggers and wordpress or other platforms, you are certainly familiar with resetting a blog theme. Reset blog theme is a step to make it easier to change the template on the blog. In your country maybe not many have published how to quickly reset the theme.

If you change the blog template without using the reset method, then what will happen is that your old blog template structure will be listed and not lost in the new template you installed. Of course, this would make us do double work to fix it.

What is a Blog Template
A blog template is a place to decorate a blog to be more dominant and look beautiful. On the Blogger platform, we find many types of templates that are provided free of charge, but some have to be purchased.

If you think this is the best way, please follow this tutorial to the end. In the blog template, there are also html codes which are arranged so that performance, speed and others are maximized and lighter.

The blog template builder that you often visit usually offers two versions, namely a free version with consequences and a premium or paid version with all its advantages. Some of them are to simplify the process of changing the theme.

Here's how to change the blog template by resetting it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Judul Blog Anda</title>
<b:skin><![CDATA[ ]]></b:skin>
<b:section id='contoh'/>

How to reset it as follows.
  • Open Your Blog Panel
  • Choose a Theme/Template
  • Select Edit Theme / Template
  • Delete all the html script code
  • Copy the script code above and paste it
  • Select "Save" and see the result
After that if you open the blog then it looks nothing or a white blank. If that's the case, the blog template reset mission is successful and congratulations!

That's how to reset a blog template easily without the slightest obstacle. Hopefully this article is useful for you and others. Keep working with your own work. Sorry if my language is irregular.


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