How to Register a Publisher Yllix Account

Yllix is ​​an advertising network that is a substitute for Google Adsense. If your blog is always rejected by Google Adsense, this Yllix platform is also very suitable to be your choice. The account registration process is very easy, even Yllix is ​​very fast in accepting registered blogs. It's only natural that a blogger likes to play with Yllix Ads. In addition to the very easy registration process, you can implement your work through this Yllix ad. Not a few bloggers also use ads from Yllix and become part of the publisher. I myself also use Yllix ads.

Not only that, Yllix also uses a CPA, CPC and CPM system so that you get a big enough opportunity. The name of the advertiser network must have some advantages and disadvantages. If I discussed the advantages earlier, then the weakness of Yllix is ​​that you have to have high traffic so that the results you get are more pronounced. Because if your blog traffic a little then the results you get also a little. Now to increase your blog visitors, you can do several ways, namely by advertising on social media and others.

How to register Yllix Publisher is very easy and arguably not complicated. Please open the Yllix Publisher panel at Then after that you will be faced with the publisher panel. In this panel there are several tools for creating ads. The first step is to press the sign up button

Make sure you have the email ready for confirmation. I don't need to explain anymore, you guys already understand it. After you confirm and your Yllix Publisher account is active, let's do the following steps to create the ad. Press " Ad Tags " in the Yllix panel { See Image }

After that you will find various types of ads from Yllix including Image Ads, Redirect Ads, Popunder Ads, and so on. As an example I use image ads. Look at the picture below, How to make a banner ad is to fill in the column on the Yllix panel. If everything is filled in completely, please press the "Get Ad Tag" button

If it is, the ad script will come out and copy the code and paste it on your blog

Well, after you copy the script code above, please paste it on your blog. That way Yllix ads will appear on your website and get results. Hopefully with this tutorial you can get the results as expected. The most important thing is the fighting spirit so that your blog or website has many visitors.


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